VEE - Virtual Acts of Kindness and Connection
VEE - Virtual Acts of Kindness and Connection

VEE - Virtual Acts of Kindness and Connection

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“Workplace isolation is one of the leading factors in the poor mental health of employees.” World Health Organization (Three Things that Make Managing Mental Health Difficult in the Workplace)

COVID-19 has forced workplaces to send their people home. How do we maintain a sense of community and connection for our teams...from home?

This one-hour VEE is part learning, part inspiration. In this session, your team will learn about the nine connecting and restorative behaviors they can use at home and virtually with team members to support each other, promote togetherness, and build a sense of community - pandemic or no pandemic.

Consider doing this VEE as a pilot series: every month for one year Workplace Culture Store will provide a 60-minute collaborative session for your pilot group. During that session we will explore new ideas for implementing the nine virtual connecting behaviors and review progress we've made over the past weeks. At the end of the 12 months, we will produce a report together on how the initiative improved engagement and built a sense of community in your workplace. We will use real behavioral data to develop a plan for making acts of kindness and connection a part of your daily organizational life. (One-year package = $2,400; 1 quarter free and branded report included)