VEE - How to Be an Emotional Moron

VEE - How to Be an Emotional Moron

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How to Be an Emotional Moron is the most fun you will ever have talking about emotional intelligence.

This VEE explores all the crazy things people do when their emotions fluctuate and ambush them, in this case, in the workplace. The office is supposed to be emotionless - all business, so to speak. But we all know that's not how it happens in the real world. Working adults get frustrated and give in to negativity. They get angry and lash out.  Sometimes their attempts at punishment and vengeance can fly under the radar and last for years, poisoning an otherwise talented and engaged team.

This VEE explores this topic from a hilarious perspective. We spend an hour exploring ways to be an emotional moron at work. We do it this way because a boring discussion about the importance of emotional intelligence offers little to inspire or restore unhappy people. The humor in this VEE reveals the crazy stuff working adults do. At the same time it helps them learn how to laugh about it. You'd be amazed at how this helps people to let go of those very habits! The laughter is miraculous in its healing power and helps working people to see their betrayals, grudges, and annoyances in a whole new light!