Games;   The Play Equation - An Idea-Generating Game

Games; The Play Equation - An Idea-Generating Game

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The Play Equation is an idea-generating game designed to be deployed in two phases.  In the first, you will use the game as a tool to plan organizational play.  Play tools, games, types of play and other concepts are shown on dominoes using a color key corresponding to the eight outputs of play.  You will use these to brainstorm ideas on how you might use workplace play to your organization’s advantage.  Once you’ve learned how The Play Equation works, you will graduate to the second phase.

Using what you learned in the first phase, you will fill the empty domino cards with the names of resources and options at your disposal.  These might include departments, offices, warehouses, people, products, techniques, specialists, or systems. 

Because this tool is designed to inspire ideas, there really are no rules about what you put onto the blank dominoes.  This approach might seem chaotic, but chaos is the objective. We have enough order and uniformity in our lives, and that chokes creativity. If Steve Jobs was correct, the connections created within the chaos could inspire new connections inside the minds of your team members.  If what we need is for seemingly unrelated ideas to come together in surprising combinations, then this is what we must do. Mix it all together and see what happens!  The weirder and more unexpected, the better!