Games;   The Interview - A Workplace Game by Workplace Culture Store

Games; The Interview - A Workplace Game by Workplace Culture Store

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This product is scheduled for launch July 2020.

If what Plato said about play is true, then a traditional interview with a prospective employee can only get us as far as an hour of conversation - especially when every answer is painstakingly rehearsed.

Imagine if a job interview were conducted through playing a game? Might we learn a year's worth of information about a person? Wouldn't that be valuable?

This premise led An Hour of Play to develop The Interview, a game designed to be played by a candidate and interviewers during a job interview. This game provides several benefits missing from a traditional interview.

First, the game provides the element of surprise for both the candidate and the interviewers. For the interviewers, this ensures that the candidate provides at least a few unprepared answers. For the candidate, authentic information about the workplace culture they might be entering is more readily accessible.

Second, in The Interview, candidates are required to take risks and make choices within the game. The candidate's behavior can be closely observed throughout the game, as opposed to relying on the answers he or she has prepared.

More than a conversation, The Interview also evaluates a candidate's cultural attitudes and values. The game instructs players to make game play optional. The candidate's willingness to participate in the game tells you a lot about his or her ability to adapt to new challenges.

The Interview provides a long list of benefits for both interviewer and candidate. The game belongs on the desk of anyone tasked with hiring new personnel, no matter what the organization.

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