Gifts; The Gratitude Bank

Gifts; The Gratitude Bank

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The Gratitude Bank is a gift created by Workplace Culture Store. You can give The Gratitude Bank to members of your team to nurture healthy culture.

This is also a gift that can have your logo on it! A gratitude bank in every department or even on every desk can make a big difference in daily workplace experience. You can even send to employees in remote or home offices - the bank works there too! It's small, so it doesn't take up a lot of desk space.

The piggy bank comes with notepads providing ideas for small daily expressions of gratitude that can be recorded and slipped into the bank. This helps your team reflect on the good things in life and deposit little reminders in a handy storage container that's fun to open when the time comes. The extra benefit is in the suggestion cards that come with the bank - they help your team develop the habit of gratitude, which is an important part of managing one's mental wellness.

Reflecting on our blessings just once a day can make a dramatic difference in how we manage stress. The Gratitude Bank helps your team do just that and keeps a record of progress, too. Plan a celebration after a year when everyone opens their bank and reads the notes inside!

Volume discounts apply once you order 100 or more Gratitude Banks! You can get Gratitude Banks for under $20 each with your logo on the bank, the sticky notes, and the cards. You can also give these away to clients as a way to help them develop the skill of gratitude too!