Gifts; Little Box of Workplace Diversions

Gifts; Little Box of Workplace Diversions

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Too many employees skip breaks, and the breaks they DO take are not restorative. The challenge is to help teams get to know the activities that restore the mind and engage in them consistently, with purpose. They might face judgment when taking these breaks inside the office where coworkers can see them, so everyone needs to know what makes a restorative break and why it is valuable to the organization. Teams must agree that these diversions, as long as they are done with wisdom and moderation, make everyone better.

The Little Box of Workplace Diversions makes an excellent gift for employees. The booklets provide creative ideas for restorative activities and the story behind them - a yo-yo calms the nerves, for instance. It also takes the eyes away from the screen for a few moments, which today's workforce does too rarely. And it's fun! Dominoes make an excellent group project over a coffee break. Players share a brief collaboration. They breathe deeply while they stand the dominoes on their end, trying not to let them fall, which is an excellent mindfulness practice. Then they watch them tumble, which is also relaxing and centering.

The Little Box of Workplace Diversions comes with a variety of activities that support workplace mental health as well as ways to grow and help others in that regard. The booklets provide opportunities to record experiences and try new ideas while knowing what they contribute to overall health.

Volume discounts begin at 100 boxes. Consider buying one for all your offices or departments! You can also have your logo put on the products, booklets and box, so your team remembers that their employer cares about their well being.