Book; The Book of Play

Book; The Book of Play

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The kind of play this book describes is purposeful.

In this context, “play” refers to making business planning, tasks, and operations more effective by incorporating games, LEGO®s, dice, doodling, competition, storytelling, role play, and other play tools and resources.  It is about drawing on the power of experience in everyday work life, and not about wasting time, avoiding work, or screwing around. It is about making the best of time, tackling work with more vitality, and creating better experiences and a better world.

Play, fun, and laughter in the office are thought to be at odds with productivity, when in fact, they go hand in hand.  

The kind of play this book describes stimulates creativity. It helps employees process stress more effectively. This play helps people connect in meaningful ways and work more effectively together. The more of this playfulness we cultivate in employees, remaining careful to encourage play’s integration with work, the more effective they will be. 

This book will be available in fall 2020! If you want to reserve your copy, send us an email!