Book; The Book of Culture
Book; The Book of Culture

Book; The Book of Culture

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The Book of Culture is the latest product created by Workplace Culture Store. This e-book describes workplace culture, why it is important and becoming more important every day. We explore the topic of "X", the experience of your clients, your employees, your brand, and how your culture shapes that experience. The book brings clarity to a sometimes complex subject and provides practical ideas for bolstering the daily expression of your values at a behavioral level.

We also provide a one-year plan for workplace culture transformation through Workplace Culture Store. We explain how an organizational community leads a cultural movement from multiple angles, who facilitates, who participates, and who benefits. We answer the questions: 

What is workplace culture?

Can it change? How?

Why is culture vital to success?

This product is free. Follow this link: The Book of Culture to view the book online.