The 15 Types of Play

These 15 healthy (and ageless) activities are universal across economic strata, culture, geography, and gender. Not only does every child at one point or another test each type, but each type presents a survival advantage, which means it has been with us for a long time, as long as we have been a species. As instinctive, brain-nourishing behaviors, these can be consciously embraced and harnessed for improved mental health and engagement in the workplace. In stimulating creativity, productivity, learning, and leadership, they become transformative to the psyche of the working adult and the organization.

The most effective use of role play in the workplace is preparing for interactive situations. Some interactions have a lot riding on them and people must practice scenarios beforehand. These could be negotiations, meetings with key clients or crisis situations.
If your employees must learn new ways to interact with each other, members of the public, or clients, design a role play in which they do just that.