Learning and Development

Experiential learning is all the rage these days, because it works. It involves creating a classroom that exposes students to models of the real world. The models allow them to experience what they will later encounter in life. An experience is better than any slide deck or lecture at helping them prepare. The Workplace Culture Store can tell you exactly why and how experiential learning works - experiential learning is play for grown ups.

No matter how old we get, our brains respond favorably to learning framed in what excites and delights us.  Competition, imposed limits, simulated danger, puzzles that present challenging problems, stories that allow us to escape into fantasy worlds and feel the thrill of imagination – these all provide a framework within which learning becomes more meaningful, inspiring, and joyful. The Workplace Culture Store provides tools and resources to instructors and coaches to make learning more experiential - and effective.

BID is a learning game, and the Adult Learning Kit is a classroom tool. Stay tuned for more products being launched each month!