ONLINE WORKSHOP; How to Be a Playful (and Effective) Leader

ONLINE WORKSHOP; How to Be a Playful (and Effective) Leader

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Leadership is serious business. Whatever you do, never laugh or have fun. That would be disastrous.

We’ve all heard this philosophy somewhere. It has successfully ruined a lot of potential leaders.

Herminia Ibarra, Professor of Organizational Behaviour and the Cora Chaired Professor of Leadership and Learning at INSEAD, tells us that the most essential part of leadership is discovering new ways of thinking, stretching out and exploring - this is otherwise known as play. Play, humor, creativity, and exploration are acts of generosity to yourself and others, yes, but more than that, they cultivate skill and understanding.

When we adopt a playful attitude, we’re more open to a diverse, even divergent set of possibilities. It’s okay to be inconsistent from one day to the next. That’s just how we figure out what’s right for the new challenges we face. The trick is to work toward a future version of your authentic self by stretching way outside the boundaries of who we are today. This is just one of the items on the list of ingredients for a successful leader through play.

TIME: 9am to 4pm Eastern Standard Time (6.5 hours)

OCTOBER 29, 2020


  • by assigning new projects strategically, how to make it okay for your team to fail while learning and growing
  • how to use humor, playfulness and laughter to relieve stress together and help your team feel welcome and affirmed
  • how to become a thought leader and express new concepts in compelling ways
  • how to help your team perform with excellence, enthusiasm and joy without micro-managing
  • how to cultivate other playful leaders