ONLINE WORKSHOP - Engaging Adult Students in Online Learning

ONLINE WORKSHOP - Engaging Adult Students in Online Learning

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Now is the age of online and distance education.

This field was already gaining traction, but now as a matter of necessity we have been thrust into it for many more courses and topics. Instructors must adapt quickly, especially with subjects we once thought demanded a live, in-person classroom. Engaging students through a computer is far more effective if you are equipped with some tools and techniques for incorporating the memorable and engaging experiences we once relied on in the classroom -  yes, it can be done!

This one-day learning program provides insight, tools, techniques and activities designed to facilitate distance learning for the adult learner. You will learn how to use video conferencing and collaboration platforms to your advantage.  We will review tested and true techniques for incorporating experiences into your instruction, online, to make learning memorable and engaging.

TIME: 9am to 4pm Eastern Standard Time (6.5 hours)

SEPTEMBER 17, 2020


  • how to online conference and collaboration platforms to your advantage
  • how to enhance memory through heightened emotional experience, using narrative, emblematic and contextual play for immersive experiences and the flipped classroom
  • how to shape online classroom culture, setting expectations for student participation
  • how to help students use their hands for kinesthetic learning
  • how to draw on the natural confidence students have in experiential learning