ONLINE WORKSHOP; Employee Mental Health Through Mindfulness and Play

ONLINE WORKSHOP; Employee Mental Health Through Mindfulness and Play

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For organizations in 2021, employee mental health will be among the most urgent concerns.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 80% of adults with depression reported at least some difficulty with work, home, or social activities because of their depression symptoms. Across every industry, employers now have an incredible opportunity to enhance the quality of life of employees and their families by addressing mental health through benefits, programs, policies and workplace culture. With the added stress of the COVID-19 pandemic, employee mental health will be critical to a viable future for all organizations.

Play is fun and energizing, and moreover, rejuvenates the working mind. A mindful and playful culture empowers your employees to, together as a team, self-manage and self-heal from the inevitable daily bumps and bruises. The best part? They won’t have to take six-week vacations or four mental health days per month to do it. They will begin to perceive their time in the workplace as restorative and emotionally rewarding.


  • how to help your team develop the skill of resilience, empathy and how to nurture each other
  • how to cultivate a culture of kindness and generosity in your team so that they contribute to each other’s mental health as a community
  • how to develop “team emotional intelligence” 
  • how to use micro-vacations for restorative experiences
  • how to use celebrations, rituals, storytelling, mindfulness exercises, movement, music, laughter, and stress-relieving play for improved mental wellness

TIME: 9am to 4pm Eastern Standard Time (6.5 hours)

OCTOBER 13, 2020