ONLINE WORKSHOP; Creativity for the Uncreative

ONLINE WORKSHOP; Creativity for the Uncreative

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Often the difference between brands with longevity and those that fade is creativity.  

Creativity is a powerful force that drives positive change.  It’s as if it has its own gravity. It draws talented people to an organization and its work.  It puts all the impressive credentials and competencies within your walls to work creating valued products and services - and experiences - for your customers.  That's why some organizations seem to have it in spades and others, despite all their efforts, can't get any traction. Creativity attracts all the best things in business: curiosity, imagination, vision, and hope for the future, but only if it has some critical mass in the form of flexibility and support.  Without creativity, you can only maintain what you already have, if you can even do that.

Many people insist, however, that they are hopelessly un-creative, which amplifies the problem. This is the tragedy of the uniformity imposed upon children as they grow and young adults as they begin their careers. They give up even before trying. This one-day program provides practical techniques for resurrecting the creative giant in everyone. This course does not provide any of the tired stuff you’ve seen before. No Marshmallow-Spaghetti challenges here! These activities have never been offered to the public, and if you or your team must be more creative, you can’t afford to miss this course.

TIME: 9am to 4pm Eastern Standard Time (6.5 hours)

NOVEMBER 17, 2020


  • by assigning new projects strategically, learn how to make it okay for your team to fail while learning and growing and graduating to greater accountability
  • how to use creative stimuli on a regular basis to make creativity a matter of culture and habit
  • how to use creative expression in other subjects to stimulate creativity in your work
  • how to help your team perceive all their work as a creative act and feel the sense that they have contributed something meaningful
  • how to make your team into a source of creative inspiration to other departments, groups and communities within your organization