Virtual Engagement Experiences

A virtual engagement experience (VEE) is an opportunity to do for your team all the things you know you SHOULD be doing for their well-being, but never seem to find the time.

Playing a game is excellent for team building, but Workplace Culture Store takes things to a new level. Our VEEs use our many tools and research to create opportunities for leaders and employees to connect and support each other while working from home, AND get critical tasks completed and some training at the same time. The games teach new skills and can be used for decision-making, planning, and idea-generation.

Our games are fun and they get things done!

Each VEE has a top three Engagement Ingredients, identified by an icon on the product page. Some VEEs will provide the entire list, but for your convenience we've decided on a top three. These are the ones you can expect to be most obvious after the experience is over. This will also help you decide which VEE is best for your group.

VEEs are delivered via your chosen video conferencing platform. This reduces sign-in problems the day of the event. We also produce a report for every VEE that includes data on participation and the results of a post-experience survey. Some experiences come with additional data, depending on the exercises completed.

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