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You can learn more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation. - Plato

January 2019 is an exciting month at An Hour of Play. We have launched our online store!

Years of research have shown that play is exactly what we predicted - a powerful and lasting catalyst for employee engagement and productivity.   When incorporated successfully with tasks, play is as effective as any employee health and wellness program at nurturing a healthy and motivated workforce. Play is universal across cultures, reliable, accessible, and affordable, which makes it the next big thing in organizational management theory. 

Play is also useful across a spectrum of applications - it can mean a little Scrabble in the coffee room or a complex role play simulation game to prepare employees to handle emergency situations.

Workplace play is not goofing off.

In this context, “play” refers to making business planning, tasks, and operations more effective by incorporating games, LEGO®s, dice, doodling, competition, storytelling, role play, and other play tools and resources. 

Play, fun, and laughter in the office are thought to be at odds with productivity, when in fact, they can and should go hand in hand. 

The more playfulness we cultivate in employees, remaining careful to encourage play’s integration with work, the more effective and engaged they will be.  
When a play ethic has taken root, tasks are more stimulating to the imagination. Employees are more invested because they feel a greater sense of purpose. Within the dominion of a job role, something that may have felt confining to an employee before, seems suddenly alive.

Play teaches people to see possibilities.  Not limitations.

To realize the effect, play and games must be designed so as not to divert from work, but rather help people complete work with more energy, creativity, and drive.  Rather than arbitrarily attaching play to a set of tasks without any thought to how the work and play mesh, the Hour of Play Starter Kit and handbook provide a method of designing play with the work results at top-of-mind. This requires an understanding of the types of play and how they can be integrated successfully with day-to-day tasks. Stay tuned for more products and services from An Hour of Play!

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