Announcing the Launch of Our Newest Workplace Board Game: Bid

Bid has been under development since before An Hour of Play launched our online store. It was one of the games we designed using the game invention methods we created. Naturally, we had to test out our processes on a real game, and here it is. We’re delighted to announce that the game has been tested and it works! Plus, it’s fun to play!

We designed Bid as a game of business calisthenics for services consultants and their professional trainees.

Technical practitioners rarely get business training through formal post-secondary education - much of it they learn on the job from their mentors and leaders. Bid provides excellent support to that model.

Throughout the game, players assess risk, acquire assets, bid on projects, and build a service portfolio. On a five- or ten-year cycle, players become consulting firm owners who must manage cash flow, weather market ups and downs, and pay corporate taxes. The winner of Bid is the firm with the most cash, projects and employees at the end of the game.

The game simulates the risks, perils, and demands of running multiple firms and projects at a time. It may not exactly mimic every detail, but the balancing act of earning revenue, hiring personnel, meeting obligations and weathering market storms is comparable, and an excellent way to train the brain for the rigors of life in consulting.

Bid was designed as a training tool, but most importantly, it was made to be fun and liberating. Players have the opportunity to test daring scenarios they would never normally attempt, which provides much needed release of tension and stress.

Monopoly was invented during the Great Depression. It was popular because it allowed people to pretend to be rich and ruthless moguls during a time when they barely had enough money for food. The game was cathartic and diverting and it still is, which is why it became a bestseller and remains that to this day.

If you are providing business development or management training to employees in any kind of professional services, Bid will provide a lively, hands-on experience that generates much fodder for discussion and exploration. Pretending to be a rich (and maybe even ruthless) services firm mogul, will allow young, ambitious leaders to not only learn about the many variables in firm management, but also blow off a little steam while they’re at it. Keep it in the board room or lunch room for some rousing educational play for your teams.

A game of Bid immerses learners in a fast-paced simulation of business decisions. The game compels trainees to consider risk, deadlines, budgets, and taxes to come out on top. It is challenging to the sharp minds found among emerging leaders and applicable to a wide range of industries. Visit An Hour of Play's online store to learn more.

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